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    Terms & Conditions

  1. Gum Tree Chronicles is a historical educational series documenting mainly, but not limited to, the history of Tupelo, Mississippi and the Lee County area.
  2. All articles, news items and historical information found here can be used for your research and informational purposes. Unless otherwise specified as our copyrighted material.
  3. Advertisers are reponsible for all activity on their site between visitor and them; in terms of purchases made via ads on this site.
  4. This site is not responsible for any activity or transactions with any third party found on this site.
  5. All video clips, music and other specified materials found on this site are the sole property of Peggy James and Brandi Alexander DBA Satin & Silver Productions.
  6. Comments should not be negatively inciteful. They must not be: racist, personal attacks, immorally explicit, sexually perverted, etc. If comments are unsuitable, they will be removed and the person making the comment will be blocked from visiting the site.
  7. ALL photographs & videos on were taken/recorded by Peggy Hatchet-James (of Your Imagez Photography) for use in Gum Tree Chronicle historical educational projects; and SHALL NOT be used without permission.
  8. ALL film music scores in Gum Tree Chronicles' films was composed by Peggy Hatchet-James; ALL lyrics were either co-written by both Peggy Hatchet-James and Brandi (S.) Alexander, or individually written by either of the parties---and thus copyrighted and legally restricted from unauthorized use.  If you wish to use music from Satin & Silver's Collection of Music Works, you may email us at: We will respond within 48 hours.

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