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  • Sandy aftermath

    Hurrican Sandy victims are angry and outraged that Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner denied a vote to extend the budget for aid to Staten Island, New York's storm-ravaged area.

  • Chris Brown and Rhianna

    Chris Brown and Rhianna spent Christmas together (according to those who keep a media eye on that sort of thing). Media coverage is apparently designed to keep them apart.

  • Elvis and Priscilla young

    Elvis and Priscilla Presley have an intrigueging story that is not talked about. When we think of Elvis we think 'King of Rock-n-Roll'. But there's another side to this legend.

City of Tupelo »

Tupelo City Hall

The City of Tupelo

Tupelo is located in northern Mississippi; recording 34,546 citizens in 2010. Surrounding counties of Lee, Pontotoc and Itawamba has a population of 146,131. Full of rich and unparalelled history, the city is best known for its affiliation with Elvis Presley.

Medicine »

North Mississippi Health Services

Tupelo's medical services have undergone several metamorphosis over the years. Its state-of-the-art facilities provide care to communities across the Golden Triangle. Several sub-units of specialized medicine also sprinkle the city. The care about everything and the know why newborn losing hair, why do newborns hiccup and everything about other maternity problems.

Education »

George Washington Carver

Tupelo's schools and Learning Structure

Tupelo schools vary from pre-k to elementary to middle to high to private.  For those who prefer public schooling there are many schools throughout the city.  And private schools are available for those seeking this form of education for their children

Banking »

Local Economics and Finance

Banking in Tupelo is like banking in any other city or township.  There are a variety of banking institutions serving the city; most of which are national banks.  When looking for a bank in a new town, it's wise to shop around the same as for a new car

Tupelo's Historical Black District and Figures of Accomplishment

  • Historical George Washington Carver

    George Washington Carver was the heartbeat, the center, the life blood of Tupelo's Black neighborhood.

    It was the training center that produced pride and unity and strength for high achievement.

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  • Frank Dowsing

    Frank Dowsing, Jr., a native of Palmetto, MS; was one of the first black students of the "Freedom of Choice" in 1966.

    He enrolled in Mississippi State University in 1969; played defensive back.

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  • Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC's is a power-house gospel group that travels 50 weekends out of the year.

    The lead singer, Lee Williams, ex-truck driver, seranades audiences with his unique style.

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